About half of American adults approve of Trump’s conviction, but their opinion remains stable

NEW YORK (AP) — About half of U.S. adults approve that of Donald Trump recent crime convictionaccording to a Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll. The survey shows some potential vulnerabilities, as well as signs of resilience in his support, as Trump attempts to become the first American with a criminal record to win the presidency.

Less than five months before Election Day, the poll paints a picture of a nation with strongly held opinions toward the divisive former Republican president. General views of Trump and the Democratic president Joe Biden remain unchanged since before the guilty verdict in the Trump case. Secret trial in New York.

But the results also suggest that Trump’s conviction constitutes additional weakness among disaffected Republicans. While most Americans have heard about the conviction, political independents are less likely to pay attention and more likely to have a neutral opinion of Trump’s conviction, indicating that he may still be possible that electoral campaigns influence them.

Nancy Hauser, a 74-year-old freelancer from West Palm Beach, Fla., said she approved of Trump’s conviction based on what little she had followed of the trial. The verdict, she said, suggests that Trump might be willing to engage in criminal activity if he were back in the White House.

“I think if you’ve been convicted of a crime, especially a felony, a serious crime, how can you run a country?” she says.

But she also has concerns about Biden, including his age and his leadership on the economy and the war in Israel. Biden is 81, while Trump is 78 Friday.

“I don’t know who I’m voting for,” Hauser said. “That’s what’s sad.”

Overall, American adults are more likely to approve of Trump’s conviction than to disapprove of it, according to a survey of 1,115 adults nationwide conducted over three days starting a week later. the verdict has been rendered May 30 and before Biden’s son Hunter convicted in federal gun case Tuesday.

About 3 in 10 people somewhat or strongly disapprove of Trump’s conviction, and about 2 in 10 neither approve nor disapprove of it. The outlook was similar among registered voters, with about half saying conviction was the right choice.

Republicans are less united on the verdict than Democrats. About 6 in 10 Republicans somewhat or strongly disapprove of the conviction, while 15% of Republican adults approve of it and about 2 in 10 Republicans neither approve nor disapprove of it. Among Democrats, on the other hand, more than 8 in 10 somewhat or strongly approve.

About half of Americans say the conviction was politically motivated, while a similar share believe it was not. Nearly half of Republicans who have an unfavorable view of Trump do not view the condemnation as politically motivated, compared to fewer than one in ten Republicans who have a positive view of him.

Overall opinions of Trump have barely budged.

About 6 in 10 American adults have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, which is consistent with…

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