AJR will broadcast concrete messages on sustainable development during its summer tour

Adam Met is a busy man.

The 33-year-old rock star isn’t just the bassist for the multiplatinum band AIR, but he also holds a Ph.D. in Human Rights and Sustainable Development from the University of Birmingham. Although they may seem like opposite career paths, for Met they complement each other perfectly. “They really go hand in hand,” he says. “Honestly, I learned a lot about how to effectively advocate for ourselves while building our music career. »

AJR — made up of the three Met brothers, Adam, Jack and Ryan — released Living roomtheir debut album, in 2015. The eclectic indie pop trio, who began their musical career as street performers in New York, have since had Billboard Hot 100 chart hits like “Weak,” “World’s Smallest Violin”, “Burn the House Down” and “Bang!” From the beginning, they maintained a close relationship with their fans and used their influence to inspire activism.

Five years ago, Met founded the nonprofit Reinvented planet, which trains future climate leaders and teaches them to combine thinking and advocacy to fight the climate crisis and provide real solutions. Planet Reimagined recently completed Amplify, a landmark study in collaboration with Ticketmaster, which surveyed Ticketmaster customers and locations across the country to understand the issues they care about and how they want to help change the world.

“This specific study aimed to really understand how we can measure what we call collective effervescence,” Met explains. The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a term that was coined by [Émile] Durkheim, the sociologist, and it’s really that moment when you’re at a concert, or at a sporting event, and that feeling that everyone is on the same wavelength, that energy of everyone being of one mind, and how we can use that to create action and advocacy.

The study found that people want to act, and most importantly, they want to do it collectively. “The study found that they want to act where they can see the impact they will have. They want to work with types of organizations that have already demonstrated some impact,” says Met. “And when they hear artists talking about this or celebrities talking about this, the language really needs to be, ‘I want you to join me in taking action.’ As opposed to “Please do this.”

Adam Met of AJR attends the Universal Music Group 2024 Afterparty presented by Coke Studios and #SmartTox by Merz Aesthetics at Nya Studios on February 4, 2024, in Los Angeles.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Universal Music Group

AJR is implementing the study results on the band’s second leg of “The Maybe Man Tour” this summer. Not only will $1 from every ticket sold go to Planet Reimagined, but spectators will also receive a tangible item to promote climate sustainability….

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