Chinese animation seeks to expand its global reach in Annecy

The Chinese film industry has made no secret of hoping for the success of last year’s film Chang’an will mark a new era for the country’s animation studios.

It’s certainly a theory that’s taking center stage at the Chinese Cinema Pavilion at this year’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

Managed by the China Film Administration and the China Film Co-production Corporation (CFCC), more than 20 Chinese film studios are represented and hope to attract the attention of international filmmakers who might consider possible co-productions or even film deals. global distribution. for Chinese animation. Industry heavyweights also traveled to France for the event, including Fu Ruoqing, chairman and CEO of China Film Group Corporation.

The overseas participation of Chinese animation companies and their films has strengthened the collaboration between Chinese and foreign filmmakers and conveyed to international counterparts and audiences the expectations of Chinese filmmakers to achieve a win-win future together.” , said a CFCC spokesperson. “The China Film Pavilion will continue to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign film industries and promote Chinese films globally.”

Chang’an grossed an estimated $250 million worldwide, and while the lion’s share of that was domestic, it raised eyebrows due to both its subject matter and its appearance. The production led by Light Chaser Animation Studios – which has international distribution deals with Niu Vision Media – tells the story of the friendship between two poets from the Tang dynasty (618 to 907) and came after what the studio claims to be a significant investment in technology. necessary to match the animation standards that audiences have come to expect, given the global success of films like Pixar.

“The past decade has seen rapid and significant growth in China’s animation industry,” says Yu Zhou, co-founder and president of Light Chaser Animation Studio. “2D animation was the traditional form of Chinese animation and sometimes there were good works. CG animation has become mainstream over the past decade, with production quality continually improving.

But it’s not just the technology that has developed: the storytelling has also progressed.

“Chinese creators have broadened their scope and horizon from focusing on mythology and fairy tales, such as Monkey King, Nezhato epics and history, and even to modern social life,” says Yu.Chang’an was a breakthrough because it opened up a vast creation or re-creation space to explore Chinese history and cultural classics.

The Chinese pavilion presented more than 30 animated films, including, alongside Chang onethe next one to be published White Snake 3which continues the epic story of love and reincarnation, and Boonie Bears: Time TwistThe 10…

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