Ed Begley Jr. and Hayden Begley created environmentally-themed TikTok videos

Ed Begley Jr. has been Hollywood’s most famous environmentalist for nearly four decades, and now his daughter Hayden is helping him bring his message to Gen Z.

Starting in 2020, Hayden Begley began posting funny videos of her mother (actress Rachelle Carson-Begley) and father on her TikTok account, which currently has over 200,000 followers. In 2023, she released a video series “Seven Days of Taking Only Public Transportation in Los Angeles”, which culminated with the father-daughter duo taking the subway to the Oscars; This video has exceeded 2 million views.

“Once I realized that I had built some kind of platform, I wanted to use it for good and try to send a good message on top of the antics of my funny family,” says Hayden, 24 years old, about the videos. Ed took the subway to events in Hollywood for years, instilling in his daughter the importance of public transportation from a young age. “I said to myself, ‘What if I made a series about public transportation in Los Angeles?’ » Because it’s something that I feel like a lot of people don’t talk about in Los Angeles. Public transport reduces your carbon footprint by around 45% if you take it regularly. This is an immediate climate solution we have.

Hayden frequently posted videos of her and her father riding the subway over the next year, emphasizing the ease and benefits of public transportation; As a result, she even started working for Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins.

She admits that after Metro’s first video, “I actually received some negative comments from people who thought I was ‘playing poor,’ which I challenged by saying, ‘Why is there is there an association with someone’s income when it is a public good? This is a climate solution that must be championed by all, so that everyone can adopt it, whether or not they rely on it as their primary means of transportation.

Since then, however, she says, there has been “a very rare hateful comment” and social media has largely rallied around the videos the two make together. “Many young people have known my father since Young Sheldon or You better call Saul or the Tim and Eric awesome show. They see my father as this actor, and [only] some know” about his long-standing climate activism, says Hayden. “He’s a very humble man, so he won’t self-promote in that way, but he’s someone who has really walked the walk his whole life. He’s stuck to what he believes is right and made choices, even though they were very inconvenient for him, to try to live by his morals. So I think people see that and see that authenticity.

For his part, Ed says social media “has been really essential” to the environmental movement, noting the attention given to protests like Standing Rock. “People are coming together and using social media tools to make this happen. It would not be…

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