Entertainment Team in Willow Shields, Chris Parnell, Cara Buono, Dennis Haysbert Film

Entertainment Squad, the boutique distribution company founded by Shaked Berenson, has acquired the relationship comedy In loyaltywith Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live, To fall) and Dear Buono (Stranger Things, Mad Men), as well as Dennis Haysbert and Illeana Douglas.

The company is planning a release early next year.

In loyalty sees Parnell and Buono star as a happily married New York couple who, after receiving life-changing news, decide to live a life without regrets by experimenting with a “pass” into an open relationship. “After forming an awkward love triangle with their musician neighbor,” played by Haysbert, he also soon attracts the couple’s flirtatious friend (Douglas). Plus, there are “unintended consequences for their rebellious Gen Z daughter (Willow Shields). »

The film is written and directed by Rob Margolies, who directed the boxing drama Bobcat Morettiwith Vivica A. Fox.

“Our goal was to explore and challenge universal marital concepts through a unique lens, while remaining true to the spectrum of emotions that all relationships pass through,” Margolies said.

Producer Joe Grano added: “This film tackles some very relevant themes in a beautifully offbeat yet heartfelt way – whether it’s testing the limits of monogamy, the fear of death and aging, or simply to try to establish a connection with your children. We hope the audience will laugh out loud one moment and have tears in their eyes the next. »

The film was produced by Margolies’ Different Duck Films and by Grano through his company Set Point Entertainment. Executive producers include Eve Austin, Michalina Scorzelli and Pete Dorton. Entertainment Squad will release the film in English-speaking countries and sell it overseas at the upcoming American Film Market in November.

Berenson said: “In a world where political correctness often dictates conversations, In loyalty boldly explores the complexities of open relationships with humor and depth.

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