Fading House candidates wonder how well they should run with Biden and Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola prepares for a tough re-election contest in Alaska, she’s talking fish. For Rep. Mike Levin, who is trying to keep his California district blue, the big topic is sand. And as Republican Rep. Mike Garcia campaigns in another competitive California district, he’s criticizing a state-led gas tax.

As these incumbents and others fight for re-election to the a few dozen neighborhoods that are likely to determine control of the House this fall, they are looking at local issues. It’s a long-time political strategy, but it’s also an attempt to change the subject as candidates wonder how to talk about the two men at the top of this year’s list – President Joe Biden And Donald Trump.

Both presumptive presidential candidates remain popular with their party’s core voters, but have failed to do so. struggled to gain broad approval this helps their party win the vote, leaving many of their candidates to fend for themselves.

“I’m so angry and frustrated with Joe Biden right now,” Peltola said, citing disagreements with Biden’s policies on liquefied natural gas and the border.

In 2022, she flipped Alaska’s only House of Representatives seat to Democrats for the first time in almost 50 years. But to stay blue this year, she will have to overcome headwinds at the top of the ticket. Trump won Alaska by 10 percentage points over Biden in 2020, and he is almost certain to win the state again.

For Peltola, the response to Trump’s popularity in Alaska is a cause that was central to his 2022 campaign: reducing the number of fish caught incidentally through bottom trawling.

“Salmon, halibut, crab and herring really, truly unite Alaskans,” she said. “It’s our identity.”

Peltola is not alone in her approach. As Congress’ attention has turned to the campaigns in recent weeks, dozens of Democrats have at times broken with Biden on policy issues, particularly on thorny issues like illegal immigration and aid conditions to Israel.

The momentum was on full display earlier this month when Biden announced an order to slow down asylum requests at the border. While Biden’s proclamation signing ceremony in the East Room of the White House took place during a busy day at the Capitol, only eight congressional lawmakers — Democrats mostly from border states like Texas, Arizona and California – showed up.

With Biden and Trump locked in a tight electoral battle and as Democrats defend a tough map to keep control of the Senate, many Democrats view the House majority as a crucial firewall in the event of a Trump presidency.

To win, Democrats are working to eliminate independent and Republican voters, a tacit acknowledgment that taking control of Congress will likely require many of the party’s candidates to outperform Biden.

“We want them to stand up and talk about their positions, what policies we should adopt, and they may have disagreements with the administration in some cases, in some cases…

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