Four Tops singer sues Michigan hospital for racial discrimination, says they didn’t believe he was

Four Tops singer sues Michigan hospital, claiming workers didn’t believe he was in the band

Four Tops singer sues Michigan hospital, claiming workers didn’t believe he was in the band


(CBS DETROIT) — The lead singer of the legendary Motown group Four Tops has sued a Michigan hospital for racial discrimination, claiming he was treated as if he were mentally ill and restrained after telling staff he was in the group.

Alexander Morris, 53, went to Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital in Warren to receive medical treatment on April 7, 2023, according to the lawsuit.

The singer was taken to the emergency room by ambulance after having breathing and chest difficulties and was put on oxygen. Morris has a history of heart disease, including stents and a defibrillator.

He told a nurse and a security guard that he was a member of the Four Tops and was concerned about harassers and fans, according to the suit. However, the workers didn’t believe him and a doctor ordered a psychological evaluation, put him in a restraint vest and took away his oxygen and his belongings.

When Morris offered to show his ID to prove he was the singer, the security guard told him to “sit his Black a** down,” according to the suit.

The singer told hospital staff he was having trouble breathing and asked for his oxygen back, but they allegedly ignored him. After that, he asked to have his restraint jacket and belongings removed so he could seek treatment at another hospital, but was told he could not leave. Several security guards surrounded the area to make sure he couldn’t go, and meanwhile he still hadn’t received treatment for his heart condition.

The hospital and nurse “blatantly refused to provide Plaintiff with medical treatment based on his race and/or perceived mental disability,” the suit states. “Instead, Plaintiff was deliberately misdiagnosed and received substandard medical care because of his race, which amounted to racial discrimination and delayed his actual diagnosis.”

The singer’s wife later arrived at the hospital and Morris told her that workers thought he was delirious. She told a security guard that he was indeed a member of the Motown group, but the lawsuit says he did nothing.

After that, a nurse arrived and Morris asked if he could show her a video of him performing at the Grammy Awards.

“The nurse realized that plaintiff was a member of the Four Tops, and she went to ask the emergency room doctor to inform him,” the lawsuit states. “The ER doctor came back and said he was canceling the…

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