Jake Paul Launches W Men’s Personal Care Line Exclusively at Walmart

Jake Paul is only 27 years old, but he has won many titles so far in his career: Vine superstar, YouTube troublemaker, undisputed social media influencer, professional boxer (with a record of 9 -1-0), media mogul, venture capitalist, co-founder, and star athlete on the company’s roster. (He is also known as Logan Paul’s brother and will soon be the uncle of his big brother’s first child.)

But a few years ago, Paul was a regular guy going to a CVS to buy men’s products. He was so disappointed with the options waiting for him on store shelves that the experience inspired him to add another title to his resume: co-founder of W, a new men’s body care line.

Launched Wednesday in partnership with Geoffrey Woo and Woodie Hillyard with strategic advisor Nakisa Bidarian, W comes to market exclusively in Walmart stores, Walmart.com and GetW.com. Short for “win,” W has three products to start with a body wash, body spray, and antiperspirant deodorant (in three scents: original, cool ice, and deep wood) with five more to come (shampoo and two-in-one conditioner, bar soap, facial cleanser, pomade and hair gel). Everything will cost less than $10 and be made in the United States, facts that are important to Paul.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter over Zoom, Paul talks about W’s business philosophy, his big expansion plans (from merchandise to maybe even toilet paper), and how he balances being a killer on the ring and that of a thoughtful meditative thinker who regularly participates in sound baths. Of course, we also talked about his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson which was rescheduled for November 15 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, what he really thought of Tyson’s apology and whether or not former President Donald Trump would accept his invitation to attend.

Products from Jake Paul’s new men’s body care line, W

Courtesy of W.

I’m looking at the products now and in the message I received there is this great sentence: “Are you ready for something that makes you want to win?” » What is the story behind your ambition to launch a men’s personal care brand?

Actually, where it all started was one day when I was going to CVS to buy deodorant. It was a few years ago now, but all the options were the same since I was 8 years old. The storage space has literally not changed. I saw huge room to deliver a better product with a new wave of marketing that didn’t seem outdated like those old legacy corporate brands. They are disconnected. There is no connection with the public. People use these products because it’s all they know and it works and smells pretty good.

But we have entered a health-conscious generation and people are more aware of what they put in and on their bodies. This is why we wanted to do…

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