Jared Padalecki had suicidal thoughts during ‘supernatural’ success

Jared Padalecki has spoken candidly about his struggles with suicidal thoughts, which led him to seek treatment at a facility for a few weeks in 2015.

During an appearance on I’ve never said that before with Tommy DiDariothe actor sat down with his wife Genevieve Padalecki and the host to discuss everything from Walkerthe recent cancellation of the possibility of a Supernatural reboot and his mental health.

When Tommy DiDario asked him to share something he’d never openly talked about, Padalecki revealed that he once visited a clinic at a “really low point” in his life.

“I was letting my brain, my thoughts, take over and direct me towards dramatic suicidal thoughts,” he told the host, “and I called my wife and she was like, ‘Go home. at home. And so I came home, went to a clinic for a few weeks and looked into it and I haven’t been suicidal since, not for a moment. That said, there are still ups and downs. »

“Today is the low point. I’m doing well. There’s nothing to worry about, but I’m very sad Walker, the family,” he said of the news that his show on The CW was canceled. “My tears are not for me. I know everything will be okay because I’m talking to you about it. I talked to Gen about it. I told my friends about it.

He encouraged those experiencing mental health issues to share and open up to anyone they can, whether it’s a loved one or a professional, and to remember that it’s not Just because they may be at rock bottom right now doesn’t mean they always will be. THE Supernatural The star also noted that not everyone needs to go to a clinic like him.

“I needed a complete reset,” he admitted. “I had spent 15 years in this industry. When you go to an audition or a red carpet, they don’t want to say, “Jared, how are you today?” “Oh man, today was rough and I didn’t sleep.” They want to say, “Oh, that’s great!” I’m delighted to be here. So I’ve been doing this for so long, trying to concentrate. We talked earlier about what’s best for the person talking to me, rather than just being honest.

THE Gilmore Girls The actor stressed that he was very open about his mental health issues. He doesn’t think it’s something worth being ashamed of. At that point in his life, he “needed a surgeon, not literally,” but he needed more serious help.

Padalecki concluded this section of the podcast by again noting that it has been difficult since he discovered that Walker was canceled, but he’s in a great place otherwise with his family and friends. He shared that he found a way to acknowledge his feelings and deal with them in a healthier way.

“I really spend my time thinking, ‘Okay, these feelings and thoughts are real feelings and thoughts, but they’re not reality. How do I put them out there and say, “OK, I’m feeling really excited, this is going to change.” ” ‘I am…

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