Kelsea Ballerini reveals her meals on tour and reviews Chase Stokes’ cooking skills

Kelsea Ballerini says she’s a “two cups a day” type when it comes to coffee.

The “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat” artist may be a four-time Grammy nominee, but in a very relevant move, Ballerini needs his morning java like the rest of us.

“I’m in gremlin mode until I have coffee,” the singer-songwriter told in an interview about her partnership with The Original Donut Shop Coffee brand.

The Country artist has teamed up with this Keurig stalwart to launch a “Ballerini Blend” — its vanilla flavor is inspired by what she says is her favorite coffee.

If she’s not sipping a cup of black coffee, she likes to add a little something sweet “to make it feel special.”

“My favorite is a delicious, good vanilla latte,” says Ballerini.

She adds that paying attention to what she puts in her body is an important part of her job as a touring musician. “I think, depending on what season I’m in, I treat the way I function with my body very differently,” she says.

Kelsea Ballerini. (Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

When Ballerini is actively touring, she thinks about her input “like an athlete would.”

“I have to make sure I’m getting enough protein, enough caffeine, the nights are longer,” she says. “I need to make sure I move my body enough to work on my respiratory support for my stage show.”

Although the performer doesn’t eat a big meal right before going on stage, she says a “good carb” is “always waiting for me” once she leaves.

“I’m like a monster when I come off stage,” she continues. “I’m like, ‘Where’s the pasta?'”

Ballerini explains that when she’s not touring, she enjoys food differently.

“I cook a lot more, I’m less concerned about a routine and more about listening to my body,” she says, adding that it’s a lesson she’s learned as she’s gotten older.

“I think everyone needs different things to be able to navigate their lives, and so learning what works for me has been really crucial.”

What works for Ballerini? A good crunchy chili salmon is an example. She uses a chili crisp condiment, honey and coconut aminos to make a glaze for the fish, then makes vegetables and bone broth rice as a side. “It’s like a normal day at home,” she tells

But the singer is not the only head of the house. As for her relationship with “Outer Banks” actor Chase Stokes, they take turns in the kitchen.

“When we’re in Charleston, he takes over the cooking; and he’s a very good cook,” she says. “Two nights ago he made this like a homemade chimichurri skirt steak.”

But when they’re at Ballerini’s in Nashville, Tennessee, she picks up the proverbial apron.

“Lately I’ve been trying to really nail good, spicy rigatoni at home,” she says. “My last name is Ballerini!” I need to get good at this stuff. I’m trying to make my Italian dishes a success! »

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