Kyle Richards, 55, uses this thickening spray for fuller hair – it costs $14

THE Real Housewives from, well, anywhere are known for their extravagant and lavish lifestyle. We can only imagine what it’s like for them to live in the biggest mansions, drive the fanciest cars and wear the most expensive clothes. So when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards sang the praises of Nexxus Unbreakable Care Root Lift Hair Thickening Spraywe took note — and we’re glad we did, because right now it’s only $14 on Amazon.


Based on keratin, collagen and biotin, this spray promises to boost and strengthen fine, fine hair.

$14 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

If you’re looking for products to make your hair fuller and prevent breakage at the same time, you know it can cost over $100 to get the look you want. At only $14, the thickening spray is only a fraction of that, and we don’t expect the cost to drop anytime soon.

Why do I need this?

We love getting a glimpse into the real life of a Real Housewife. For her Nexxus thickening spray demo, she took us on a trip to Sin City. Richards made an Amazon direct from his Las Vegas hotel room to show us how a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills The star is gearing up for a night where looking fabulous really counts.

She pulled out the bottle of root-lifting spray that she says gives “the look and feel of 3,000 extra strands” and admitted that once upon a time, she didn’t always use it. But after realizing it was a game-changer, she revealed: “I will never use it again.”

Even Real Housewives’ shiny hair needs a little boost from the green bottle. (Getty/Amazon)

What the reviews are saying

This Nexxus spray continues to attract more and more fans, with over 1,000 bottles sold last month.


“Recently my hair has become thinning and I have lost more,” said one five star fan. “I take vitamins for hair and nails. I just started using a thickening shampoo. I’ve tried 3 other spray hair thickeners and this is the only one that really made my hair look fuller. The price is also reasonable. I can’t afford very expensive hair products that I use daily.”

“This thing is incredible,” happy buyer sharing. “It was recommended to me by an influencer, and since it wasn’t very expensive, I decided to give it a shot. I noticed a huge change in the thickness and volume of my hair when I used it. ‘use it. I highly recommend it and will continue to use it.

“What a fantastic product!” A beauty enthusiast delirium. “I had used similar ones from another brand that they no longer make but this one is something else. It lifts my roots and gives volume and thickness without making my hair sticky. My hair stays lush and full for days so I don’t have to wash it daily anymore I recently went from black to blonde and you can imagine how damaging that can be With this product I have. kept my hair healthy and I have to admit that my hair is now longer since using it Bonus: it makes your hair smell like a high end salon!



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