MAGA activist linked to Kari Lake questions ‘lynching’ of election official

In a widely shared video Monday, an Arizona Republican official with deep ties to the MAGA movement said she would “lynch” the Maricopa County Republican recorder if he were there.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer shared a video of Maricopa County Republican Party official Shelby Busch speaking at a recent GOP event and drawing laughter after saying she would lynch if he was in the room with her.

“If Stephen Richer was in this room, I would lynch him,” Busch said. “I do not unite with people who do not believe in the principles that we believe in and in the American cause that founded this country.”

In her comments, Busch said she would only tolerate “a good Christian man who believes what we believe.” Richer is Jewish.

” It’s not healthy. And that’s not responsible. And we shouldn’t want that in the Republican Party,” Richer said in a tweet acknowledging Busch’s leading role as a conservative activist.

This is not just empty rhetoric. Richer was targeted with death threats for supporting the certification of Maricopa County’s election results, which largely favored Democrats, in the 2022 midterms. These attacks were primarily motivated by Senate candidate Kari Lake and her associates, including the attacks led Richer to file a defamation suit against Lake last year. (Lake, for the record, don’t even dispute the claims.) Like the Washington Post reported Last week, Busch is an extremist activist whose organization, known as We the People AZ Alliance, is linked to Lake and other prominent conservatives, including far-right activist Michael Flynn:

Busch has highlighted in the Lake and Arizona Republicans’ false voter fraud claims, and she is also a close associate of pillow-pushing extremist Mike Lindell. His remarks are just the latest a disturbing trend of violent right-wing extremism that has lasted for decades metastases in Arizona. And they are an example of the threats aimed at election workers that Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes. warned of earlier this year.

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