Matt Bomer lost his role as Superman after coming out as gay

“I went on a calling mission for Superman, and then that turned into a four-month audition experience,” he explained. “I would audition over and over and over and fly to New York and do chemistry readings and fly to Los Angeles and do chemistry readings, fly back to New York, fly back to Los Angeles to do a screen test, and it looked like I was the director’s choice for the role.

“This was a very early iteration of Superman, written by JJ Abrams, called Superman: Overview, I think,” he continued. “It was never revealed, but at the same time, Guiding lightthere was a killer in town, and they needed someone to blame everything on, and so my executive producer very kindly wanted to release me just in case this job came to fruition and said, ” Hey, you’re going to be the killer, we’re kicking you off the show, leave with my blessing Basically, I was fired, but in a generous way.

Matt then reiterated that he had good reason to believe that a life-changing project was on the horizon at this point, revealing: “I had signed a three-movie deal with Warner Brothers.”

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