Meta will soon allow children aged 10 to 12 to interact with other people in VR with their parents’ approval

Meta announcement Users ages 10 to 12 will soon be able to interact with other people in VR if they have parental permission. Until now, children couldn’t chat or interact with other users on Quest.

In an upcoming update, Meta is adding the ability for parents to individually add approved contacts for their child to chat or call with, and send or accept invitations to join them in parent-approved VR experiences.

By opening up its VR experiences to kids, Meta hopes that younger users will become more familiar with the technology, which could encourage them to use it later. It could also help Meta compete with other companies like Roblox and Microsoft’s Minecraft, both of which are popular with younger users.

Meta explains that users will only become approved contacts once a parent adds them. Parents can manage approved contacts by adding them to their child’s followers and subscribers list. Children can request a follower to become an approved contact, and parents have the option to remove an approved contact at any time.

Last year, Meta lowered the recommended age to use its Quest headset for ages 13 to 10. The company then launched parent-managed accounts that give users ages 10 to 12 access to age-appropriate virtual reality experiences on Quest.

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology and the risks associated with its use are still somewhat unknown, which has raised concerns about the safety of children. parents, rights groupsAnd researchers.

Meta’s decision to bring social features to children’s accounts on Quest comes as Congress increase pressure on social networks companies like Meta, TikTok and Snapchat to protect children on their platforms.

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