Michael Kors Hosts Celebrity Dinner with Spago at Canter’s Deli

“It is all about the ups and downs,” exclaimed Michael Kors. “He always has been. Isn’t that what fashion is?

Nestled in a leather-lined cabin in an elegant dining room filled with ivory flowers, in front of platters of rosé champagne, spicy tuna cones and caviar handed out by handsome waiters in tuxedos, he peered out over the glorious, softly lit sea of ladies during cocktail hour – many names in bold – decked out in his classic black and gold jersey numbers – and laughed: “No one would believe we’re in Canters!”

That’s right: Canter’s Deli on Fairfax, the almost century-old old-school hangout for neighborhood regulars by day and post-club hipsters late at night. Known for its bagels, pastrami sandwiches, greasy fries and Dr. Brown’s soda, but not for being a celebrity mecca.

Excuse me?

“Spagos and Canters!” That’s all you need to know! Kors laughed. “I started a trend!” But I love the idea of ​​taking two iconic Los Angeles spots: Spago and Canter’s – and making a mashup of them. We have Spago food and Canter freshness. What better? Wolfgang [Puck] I laughed when I called him! But in Los Angeles, it’s so up and down: no one gets dressed for the day, everyone gets dressed for the evening. So it’s perfect.

This unique hybrid party celebrated the brand’s sleek new Michael Kors boutique at Two Rodeo, down the street from its 20-year-old location further north, which closed during the pandemic. “I remember the opening in Beverly Hills 20 years ago,” Kors sighed. “[Famed retailer] Fred Hayman came to the neighborhood with his dog to greet me. But times have changed – high streets are alive – they are changing all over the world. Trendy shopping spot Rodeo has moved closer to Wilshire. Now the great thing about Rodeo is that it has a tourist dream vibe, contrasting with the way many Angelenos shop at home. Our new store is essentially a showroom – my team brings the shelves to customers’ homes – that’s how it’s done now. The store therefore holds the crème de la crème of the collection.

Michael Kors speaks during his dinner at Canter’s, catered by Spago, on June 4, 2024, in Los Angeles.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Its teams in New York and Los Angeles did all the VIP fittings of the famous faces wearing Kors for the dinner. “I don’t do fittings,” Kors laughed. “After the Met Ball, I’m done.” Among the guests, Olivia Wilde looked casual, wearing a Kors tank top and leather pants. Marisa Tomei donned a classic black Kors suit and striped silk shirt. Mindy Kaling looked chic in a fall 2024 sequin cocktail dress. “I fell!” Kaling cooed.

Most guests wore Spring ’24 looks, like Zoey Deutch in a black short suit and a new platinum pixie cut, Quinta Brunson in a high-waisted printed maxi dress, and

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