Ride or Die Star Rhea Seehorn Talks Vince Gilligan’s New Show

Kim Wexler continues to pay dividends to Rhea Seehorn. When Bad Boys: Ride or Die Directors Adil and Bilall endured an “emotional roller coaster” in 2022, finding escape through their binge-watching of Seehorn’s acclaimed series, You better call Saul. The two Belgian directors were so taken by his portrayal of Jimmy McGill’s (Bob Odenkirk) romantic partner that they said they would find a role for him to play one day. Well, a day soon came, for then they had a general meeting with her concerning Bad Boys: Ride or Die and the role of US Marshal Judy Howard, the daughter of Joe Pantoliano’s beloved Bad Boys character, Captain Conrad Howard.

“Believe me, there was a part of me that was like, ‘Do they know me in any way?’ » But I pretty much assume that of anyone; it wasn’t really specific to them. So I think it was Bilall saying, ‘Kim Wexler!'” Seehorn said. The Hollywood Reporter. “So I loved that they knew my work and didn’t approach me coldly, like a suggestion. They had really thought about what they thought I could bring to the role of Judy, and I was extremely flattered.

In preparation for the role, Seehorn watched a supercut of Pantoliano’s scenes as Captain Howard, and she also revisited another of his films, The fugitive, since his tenacious US Marshal character is also responsible for catching the fugitives framed by Mike (Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence). She even included a few touches that recall Pantoliano’s past work.

“In the Fugitive-scene where Judy enters [at the start of the manhunt]she takes Pepto Bismol, which was a reference to him [and his reliance on it in Bad Boys for Life]”, says Seehorn. “The swear words spewed when she first lands in the rain are another one, so we tried to put some little references to him in there.”

With Bad Boys: Ride or Die opening to a solid $56.5 million, Seehorn is only just waking up to the relief Adil and Bilall’s action comedy brought to the industry and the summer box office. The reason she was behind the times is because she worked hard in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on her new and always-untitled Apple TV+ series with Break the bad creator and You better call Saul co-creator, Vince Gilligan.

Gilligan shot Break the badThe pilot in 2007, and he has written since with an existing frame of reference in mind, whether Break the bad, You better call Saul Or El Camino: a Breaking Bad Movie. But now, with Untitled Vince Gilligan-Rhea Seehorn Apple TV+ Series, it is no longer bound by these parameters. So he’s free to move around and, according to Seehorn, that’s exactly what he does.

“Vince keeps playing, and he just pushes himself to go on a crazy adventure in the best way possible. He hesitates between tones and between genres, as he and Peter Gould did in Better to call…

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