South Bend rallies against gun violence after teen’s death

SOUTH BEND — The South Bend community says it’s time for the violence to stop, as they mourn the death of another young person as a result of gun violence.

Alyyus Enoexpettiford, 16, had just finished his first year at Riley High School and was on summer vacation when police reported he was found suffering from apparent gunshot wounds in the 500 block of East Victoria Street on June 14. Enoexpettiford was taken to hospital and died from his injuries.

As of June 21, police have not released any suspect names and are continuing to investigate the shooting.

South Bend Common Council President Sharon McBride shared her memories of July 18 by telephone with Enoexpettiford, her great-nephew. She described him as a very respectable, loving and kind young man.

“He loved people,” she said. “He was a friendly, positive child and always looking for the best in life.”

Riley’s high school principal, Shawn Henderson, reached out to Riley’s parents in a letter he posted on social media to offer his thoughts and prayers to Enoexpettiford’s friends and family during this difficult time. He encouraged families to have open conversations about their feelings and concerns.

A memorial for Alyyus Enoexpettiford, 16, at the 500 block of East Victoria Street, Tuesday, June 18, 2024, in South Bend. Enoexpettiford, a Riley High School student, was shot and killed near the school Friday evening.

A few days later, on June 17, family, friends and members of the Enoexpettiford community gathered for a vigil in his memory.

Although community activist and retired police officer Lynn Coleman did not know the family personally, he said he attended the vigil out of concern for the young life lost.

“This mess of violence has to stop,” Coleman said. “And it goes on and on.”

Coleman spoke of this “difficult time,” referring to three shooting incidents in South Bend and a shooting on the bypass where SBPD is still determining whether the incident occurred north or south. south of the state line. These incidents left one dead and six injured.

Another South Bend shooting occurred on June 20 on Parry Street, resulting in two women being hospitalized due to their injuries and the death of 28-year-old Jasmine Swanson. The condition of the two injured women has not been released. On Friday June 21, South Bend Police Department announced that Rya Barnes, 22, was identified as a suspect and arrested Thursday afternoon.

“We must stand up against violence at all levels,” Coleman said.

Despite this influx of recent shootings, SBPD Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski told the Public Safety Council At its June 18 meeting, “it feels like there are 100 shootings, but that’s not the case,” adding that it’s still not good news because the number is greater than zero .

The police department released the cumulative number of criminal assault-related shootings, comparing 2024 to 2023.

Criminal Assault Shooting Incidents:

2024 year to date: 22

2023 year to date: 29

Shooting victims criminally assaulted:

2024 Fatal cumulative = 4

2023 Fatal accumulation =…

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