Tense hours-long hostage situation at Brooklyn check-cashing store ends peacefully

A hostage situation at a Brooklyn check-cashing store by a lone gunman ended peacefully Saturday night after a tense few hours before the gunman surrendered.

Police said the shooter entered the money transfer, check cashing and foreign exchange store in Bushwick around 7:45 p.m., first posing as a customer, then announced a robbery while brandishing a gun fist.

Two workers and a customer were inside at the time, but an employee managed to escape and called 911, sending police from Precinct 83 and other units rushing to the store attached to two-story building located at 300-302 Irving Ave., along a local shopping center. band.

Realizing he was surrounded, police said the thief barricaded the front door with several chairs.

At that point, NYPD negotiators began a dialogue with him that lasted more than two hours, including the man’s brother’s participation in the talks.

New York Police Department Chief Jeffrey Maddrey said at a news conference outside the store that the shooter had “money and gambling problems” that could have led him to attempt to rob the business.

In two places, the robber pointed his gun at emergency police officers outside, who held their fire, and at one of the hostages inside. Police said the bumbling bandit, not immediately identified, eventually agreed to surrender, climbing out a second-story rear window and descending a ladder to surrender to cops who were waiting with their weapons drawn.

Police said his gun turned out to be a fake gun.

The 38-year-old gunman, who was hyperventilating, and the two hostages were taken to area hospitals to be examined as a safety precaution, police said.

The incident recalled another hostage situation in Bushwick on January 19, 1973, when four black militants, seeking to steal weapons from the John & Al’s sporting goods store at 927 Broadway, took hostages and held them cops for 47 hours, killing one officer. and with two cops and a bandit injured.

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