This self-cleaning broom and dustpan duo costs only $24 (40% off)

Is there anything more satisfying than having floors that look so new you can see your reflection in them? Well, maybe you won’t have to pull wads of hair out of the broom with your bare hands afterward. Yes, such a thing is possible when one has the Kelamayi Self-Cleaning Broom and Dustpan Set in your arsenal. The dustpan is equipped with teeth that will dislodge these clumps for you, because cleaning after cleaning is not a good idea. What East What’s fun, though, is the fact that this duo is marked down to just $24 (was $39) on Amazon.


Here’s the thing: This duo will save you from painful bending while keeping your hands from touching objects they’d rather… not touch.

$24 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Our price trackers tell us it’s almost as low as this broom has ever been: you save almost 40%. Similar sets can cost you over $30. And not having to subject your hands to dust bunnies? Pretty priceless.

Why do I need this?

Have you ever pulled something in the back while bending down to sweep up dust with one of those little hand brushes? Yeah, not so pleasant. This is why the Kelamayiwith its long extendable handle (ranging from 40 to 50 inches), is a boon for anyone who wants to avoid crouching while cleaning.

Made from recycled bottles (we love an eco-friendly product!), its four rows of durable bristles make it ideal for indoor or outdoor sweeping. However, the star of the show is arguably the dustpan, which has a row of teeth that you can slide through the bristles, ridding the brush of tangled hair (human or pet) and dust bunnies you’d rather not deal with. not have to free yourself. your bare hand. Not only is it more hygienic, but it will also help keep the brush in good condition for longer.

We’re quite surprised that not all brush sets are designed as smartly as this one. (Amazon)

What the reviews are saying

With a fan club of over 20,000 members, this set is sweeping the nation (well, Amazon Nation, at least).


“I didn’t expect to be so excited about buying a broom and dustpan, but here we are!” admitted one customer. “I really like the ‘teeth’ of the dustpan. I absolutely hate reaching for a dirty broom to remove excess hair and bunnies after sweeping. Now I don’t have to do that. Plus, the handles to clip on for easy storage.

“A pet owner’s best friend!” exclaimed another. “The product was extremely easy to assemble. No more bending over to clean up after fur babies.”

“I already bought one and decided to buy another,” shared one regular buyer. “It makes cleaning much easier. …No more lugging the vacuum around for small jobs or handling a standard broom and trash can. I have arthritis, and this reduces the stress on my knees. [It] clips, unclips and empties easily and is light but sturdy.


“[My] the only complaint is that the broom and dustpan rods come loose after use,” wrote one mostly happy customer. “You have to tighten frequently.” That said, they added: “The grooves on the…

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