What is “undeclared work”? Trump’s anti-immigration remarks spark derision

Former president Donald Trump During Thursday’s presidential debate, Trump claimed that immigrants entering the United States illegally were taking “black jobs” and “Hispanic jobs,” a baseless claim that Democrats immediately used as evidence that Trump and Republicans do not ‘were not serious about cultivating the support of voters of color.

It also sparked a slew of jokes and memes on the internet about what exactly a “black job” is.

“They’re taking jobs from black people and they’re taking jobs from Hispanic people, and you haven’t seen it yet, but you’re going to see something that’s going to be the worst in our history,” Trump said Thursday, speaking migrants. crossing the southern border of the United States. He then repeated that reference at a campaign rally in Virginia on Friday, adding that Black Americans who have been employed “for a long time” are losing their jobs to immigrants.

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Black political strategists, elected officials and organizational leaders quickly joined hundreds of social media users to post photos of themselves in their workplaces and joke about the reductive and racist nature of the former’s comments. president.

Among them was Stacey Plaskett, the Democratic delegate to the House of Representatives from the U.S. Virgin Islands, who posted a photo on the social media platform X on Friday alongside two women in her congressional office, captioned, “Another day in Congress doing our ‘black jobs.’”

Malcolm Kenyatta, a black Democrat from Pennsylvania and a surrogate for President Joe Biden’s campaign, joked: “Have we figured out what a ‘black job’ is yet? I wonder.”

Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP, also criticized Trump’s comments, writing on X that Black Americans “are not confined to just one #BlackJob.”

Republicans, who have sought to take advantage of Biden’s declining popularity among black voters, have made the immigration issue a cornerstone of their calls for the bloc, whose participation in November could decide the outcome of the election. Trump has said migrants are “poisoning the blood” of the country and has repeatedly claimed that migrants crossing the Mexican border are escapees from prisons and mental institutions, which the facts do not support.

Immigrants have made up an increasingly large share of the American workforce in recent years, but economic experts believe their presence is beneficial to the country’s economy. And even though Trump claims that immigrant workers are stealing jobs from American citizens, the population of foreign-born workers in the country is not large enough to offset the job creation of the past three years.

The Democrats are becoming more and more offensive. In a statement, Biden communications director Michael Tyler highlighted the wave of online reactions to Trump’s comments, saying black voters “dragged Trump all night for his racist comments.”

“They know Trump hasn’t done anything for black communities, so he…

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