Why AP called Rep. Nancy Mace the winner of the U.S. House of Representatives Republican primary in South Carolina

WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. Rep. Nancy MacéRepublican victory in South Carolina’s primary Tuesday was fueled by a strong showing in vote-rich Charleston County, as well as two key counties she lost in her 2022 primary bid, analysis shows of the Associated Press of the first results of the vote.

Mace’s re-election battle has attracted the attention of national Republican leaders in part because of his role in oust Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House in 2023.

Here’s a look at how the AP determined Mace would avoid a runoff and win his party’s nomination for another term in Congress:

US House, South Carolina’s 1st District (R)

CANDIDATES: Mace, Catherine Templeton, William Young


CALLED AT: 8:40 p.m. ET


ABOUT THE RACE: Mace is seeking a third term in this district based in the state’s Lowcountry along the Atlantic coast near Charleston. In 2023, she was one of eight Republicans in the United States House of Representatives breaking with the party in the vote to impeach McCarthy. Since then, the former president has thrown the weight of his political operations and fundraising prowess against the defectors and supported their primary challengers, including Templeton, who previously served as director of the unemployment agency of the state under the government of the time. Nikki Haley. Templeton’s supporters included former President Newt Gingrich and U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson of the neighboring 2nd Congressional District. Mace had the support of former President Donald Trump and current President Mike Johnson.

WHY AP CALLED THE RACE: Mace took an early lead after polls closed among votes cast before Election Day, which are usually the first votes to be counted. In particular, she had a sizable lead in her home Berkeley County, as well as in Dorchester and Jasper counties, all of which she lost in her 2022 primary, and in Charleston County, which was her strongest region. more efficient two years ago.

As vote counting continued, Mace maintained his lead in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester, while Templeton took the lead in Jasper, which is the district’s smallest jurisdiction, contributing fewer than 900 votes to the primary. 2022. Mace’s vote share in Berkeley and Dorchester exceeded his 2022 primary vote share in those counties by more than 10 percentage points.

The last county to report results was Beaufort. Early results put Mace ahead of Templeton but with less than 50% of the vote, slightly behind his performance in the 2022 primaries.

At the time the AP declared her the winner, Mace’s vote share in the entire district was about 58% with just under a third of the estimated votes counted, putting her out of risk to fall below the 50% mark and force a second round. For comparison, she won her 2022 primary with 53% of the vote. Mace was ahead of Templeton among early votes on Election Day as well as among votes cast on Election Day. She had a larger lead among the votes cast on Election Day, which would only help maintain or build…

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