2024 Emmy Nominations Predictions


With the start of voting for Emmy nominations arriving on Thursday, the campaign has begun everywhereat least in and around Los Angeles.

In recent days, we have been able to find some prominent contenders on the FYC panels (Jon Stewart and other Comedy Central’s hosts The daily show came from New York for theirs) and round tables (consult THR‘s), at the Ross House on Mt. Olympe (even those who are opposed to the campaign Donald Glover of Mr and Mrs Smith showed up), at the races (Sébastien Maniscalco promoted Max’s Bookmaker on the Santa Anita track) and even on pizza boxes (ABC pushes Abbott Elementary School to Prime Pizza consumers).

Many chose this moment to share positive news about their competitor — for example, Apple announced the renewal of Royal Palm for a second season. Others, curiously, chose this moment to announce bad news about their competitor: HBO/Max announced the cancellation of Tokyo ViceApple revealed that Julianna Margulies leaves The morning showand NBC revealed that Late Night with Seth Meyers loses its house band due to budget cuts – which surely can’t improve its prospects. Go figure.

Meanwhile, all signs continue to point to a strong showing the morning the nominations were announced — July 17 — for a handful of shows: FX’s Shogun, The bear And Fargoat Max Tips and Netflix Ripley And Baby reindeer — as you’ll see reflected in the forecast update that appears below.


(1) This forecast, compiled by The Hollywood ReporterAwards Coverage Editor Scott Feinberg reflects on Scott’s best attempt at predicting the behavior of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, not his personal preferences.

(2) Unlike many other lists, the goal of the predictions is not to include every show or everyone eligible for Emmy recognition, but only the top tier of contenders.

(3) No one can watch every Emmy-eligible show, and Scott is no exception. He arrives at these screenings by sampling at least as many contenders as possible, consulting TV Academy members, reading reviews, analyzing awards campaigns, and referencing the results of other award shows, as well as ‘to the historical preferences of the TV Academy.

(4) Under program categories, you can now find the list of each eligible program season, its platform, the release date (of the first episode of the eligible season) and the Rotten Tomatoes scores (the first from reviews, the second from the public). We also note whether the TV Academy has recognized previous seasons of the program in this category with a nomination.

or reward (^).

(5) The forecast will be updated regularly to reflect new developments. We encourage you to bookmark this URL and come back to find the latest update. (Older versions will be kept and linked at the bottom.)

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