Another Trump lawyer has her law license suspended over alleged 2020 election subversion

Jenna EllisA former Trump lawyer who pleaded guilty to charges in the Georgia election interference case has been banned from practicing law in Colorado for the next three years.

A Colorado judge on Tuesday approved an agreement between Ellis and the state’s Office of Regulatory Attorneys to suspend his law license. (Ellis, a Colorado native, was admitted to the state bar in 2011 and had we practice there occasionally.) She initially faced disbarment, but the state agency noted in the stipulation that Ellis had acknowledged the harm she had caused and expressed remorse for her actions, and that she had acted “as an accomplice, not as a principal” in the efforts to overturn the results of the election of 2020.

In a letter written as part of the settlement, Ellis said she “sincerely believed that the election challenges were made in good faith” but was “overzealous” in accepting the fraud allegations electoral.

“If I had done my duty in investigating these allegations before presenting them as the truth, I don’t believe I would be here,” Ellis added. “I turned a blind eye to the possibility that senior Trump campaign lawyers agreed to allegations that they knew or should have known were false. I just went along with it. I was wrong.”

Ellis was one of 19 co-defendants, including former President Donald Trump, charged in the Georgia election interference case. (Trump has pleaded not guilty.) In October, Ellis pleaded guilty for aiding and abetting false statements and writings.

She now joins the ranks of other former Trump lawyers who have faces professional consequences for their involvement in the various election fraud schemes of 2020. Included on this list is John Eastmanwhose law license was suspended while he fights disbarment in California, and Rudy Giuliani, whose New York law license was suspended in 2021 and which now faces a potential radiation in Washington, D.C.

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