Buy a pair of Apple AirPods for just $80 at Amazon, plus other deals you can’t miss

Every time I go shopping, before I press the “order” button, I try to take a minute to ask myself: is this a need or one to want? Well, sometimes it’s a need, but even after ordering it turns out I still needed it. Concrete example: Apple AirPods! Currently you can get them at their lowest price ever (just $80), but after putting them in your ears, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Sure, you might already own a pair, but it’s never a bad idea to get a backup set. But if you think this is a good deal, wait until you see what we’ve rounded up today. By following technology, you can get a new MacBook Air for $200 off and one solar powered charging bank for a whopping 90% off. Planning to spend some time outdoors? Check the sunscreen Jennifer Garner swears by for only $17 and get a 3 in 1 smoker to kick off the summer, when it only costs $80. There are many great savings being made today. Keep scrolling! You don’t want to miss anything. (And hey, you could need some of this stuff.)


We’re sure you know how awesome AirPods are, but if you’d like a refresher, we’re here to help. These best-selling headphones score hundreds of thousands of perfect notes, thanks to their clear, rich sound quality, 24-hour battery life, and convenient wireless design. Plus, of course, they’re Apple, so they’re easy to use and connect easily to any of your other Apple devices. Whether you’re looking to get a backup pair or are finally ready to invest in a set, buy them while they’re at their lowest price ever.

A loyal fan said: “I’ve had them for four years now. I use them almost every day and they still work perfectly and sound great. Battery life isn’t what it used to be, but it still lasts a long time. If mine breaks, I will immediately buy another pair.”

“These are the only headphones I still use,” said another. “They work great, the sound quality is amazing, they charge quickly and hold a charge for hours. They are also small and light. They do have a working time limit though.”

Another customer added: “The lightweight design and snug fit make these AirPods comfortable for long periods of time, whether I’m working out or on a long call. They stay in place remarkably well, even during vigorous activities.”

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$80 on Amazon


This is the lowest price this Apple 2024 MacBook has ever gone on sale. I repeat: the lowest price ever! The 13-inch laptop packs 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, and a 1080p FaceTime HD camera. In other words, you can easily watch movies, browse the Internet, check email, store photos, and use programs like Apple’s Pages and Numbers (or Word and Excel). If you download games or edit a lot of videos, you may need a little more storage space, but for most people this offers a significant amount.

“As always, Apple is the best!” said a buyer about this laptop. “Performance is excellent: very fast, easy to transport, expensive (but…

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