Celebrity Dermatologist Ava Shamban Launches Circadian Rhythm Skincare Line

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Some of Hollywood’s Most Enviable Complexions Have a Los Angeles-Based Dermatologist Ava Shamban on speed dial.

Nicole Kidman, Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett are among the A-list stars who have trusted the doctor (who has offices in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills) to take care of their faces. Now Shamban has deployed it Althea Skin range of four skincare products, specially designed to synchronize with the skin’s circadian rhythm, as well as a versatile energy device.

The word Althaea translates to “healer” in Greek, says Shamban The Hollywood Reporter, adding that she has been working on the products for almost three years. This process involved an in-depth analysis of ingredients that meet the skin’s genetic needs during the day and night.

“This is a new category of skincare and we call it chrono-beauty, which has to do with time,” Shamban explains. “No one really talks about the importance of circadian rhythm for overall skin function and health.”

The Althaea Skin line includes a Day Serum ($180 with $160 Refill), Night Serum ($180 with $160 Refill), and Awake Eye Gel ($105 with $85). recharge).

Althea Skin

The Activation Mask ($50 with $40 refill) is designed to be used with the Cara Multimodal Tool ($350) which combines skin-firming radiofrequency energy, contouring electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and blue and red LED light therapy in one ultimate result. home device.

Shamban – who recently spoke to THR on the latest aesthetic treatments such as an injection designed to enhance eyebrows – talks more about the groundbreaking science behind its new skincare line (which was tested on night shift workers), key ingredients and products that it then develops.

Can you explain the skin’s circadian rhythms and how they relate to skin care?

The idea came to me when I started learning more about the importance of circadian rhythm throughout the body. People who work night shifts have a much higher mortality rate and die from increased rates of cancer, heart disease, and inflammatory diseases. Delving deeper into what happens during the day-night cycle and these different organs, it’s almost as if our body is led by a military commander; everything is really programmed. They linked the circadian rhythm to clock genes that control 50% of the genome: a Nobel Prize was awarded for this discovery in 2017. They also demonstrated these chrono genes in the skin, where at least three clock genes are found. the clock. .

Dermatologist Ava Shamban

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So the skin functions in a way that we always…

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