Chinese box office: “Furiosa”, “Civil War” Fizzle

Warner Bros.’ Furiosa: A Mad Max saga and A24 Civil war both got off to a slow start at the Chinese box office during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday weekend, as a batch of local releases dominated ticket sales. That of George Miller Angrythe first film of Mad Max saga which will be released in theaters in China, debuted in sixth place with 3.7 million dollars, while that of Alex Garland Civil war debuted at just $2.3 million, according to data from consultancy Artisan Gateway.

Civil war, which cost approximately $50 million, was already an international success with $69 million in total revenue in North America and $114 million worldwide. But that of George Miller Angry It certainly could have benefited from a bigger boost, as its $144 million worldwide box office still lags behind its massive $168 million production budget. Forecast of Chinese ticketing app Maoyan Angry to end its journey with approximately $7.5 million and Civil war to reach approximately $3.7 million.

Sony The Garfield Movie, which opened in second place a week ago, slipped to fourth place with $5.4 million in its second period. The film grossed $15.2 million after nine days on Chinese screens.

chinese comedy Be my friend, based on the TV show of the same name and directed by He Nian, won the weekend with $8.1 million. Police comedy Walk the lineby filmmaker Wubai, comes in second place with $7.8 million, while Crisis negotiatorsa Hong Kong remake of the F. Gary Gray film The negotiatorcame third with $5.8 million.

As of Monday, China’s total year-to-date ticket revenue was $3.15 billion, down 2.2% from the same period in 2023. Upcoming U.S. studio releases in China include the Pixar film. Inside Out 2 June 21 and Bad Boys 4 on June 22.

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