Driver gets 3 years in prison for crash that killed 4 Maine Maritime students

June 7—The driver of a crash that killed four Maine Maritime Academy students in December 2022 was sentenced Friday to three years in prison and four years of probation in a Hancock County courtroom.

Joshua Goncalves-Radding, 21, of North Babylon, New York, was convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter, four counts of aggravated operating under the influence and five other counts related to the Castine’s fatal accident. He faced up to seven years in prison.

“What happened on December 10 (2022) was horrible,” Judge Patrick Larson told Goncalves-Radding after the sentencing. “But it’s up to you to let what happens after that date define you. You’re on the right path.”

According to court documents, Goncalves-Radding was driving six of his friends home from the G-Force bar in Bangor before the December 2022 crash that killed Brian Kenealy, 20, of York; Chase Fossett, 21, of Gardiner; Luke Simpson, 22, of Rockport, Massachusetts; and Riley Ignacio-Cameron, 20, of Aquinnah, Massachusetts.

He was driving more than 100 mph under the influence of alcohol before losing control of the car, which hit a tree and burst into flames. The collision caused the vehicle’s engine and transmission to separate.

Four passengers were “cremated” and died instantly while the other three, including Goncalves-Radding, escaped, according to court documents. Other Maritime College students, who were renting a house near the crash, ran to help Goncalves-Radding and Noelle Tavares, of Falmouth, Massachusetts, out of the car.

Goncalves-Radding, Tavares and passenger Dominick Gecoya of Middleton, Massachusetts, were sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

The 2013 Land Rover, which belonged to Gecoya’s father, had to be attached to a ratchet to remain intact while being lifted by a tow truck, according to court records.

Goncalves-Radding’s friends asked him to be the designated driver that evening because he was familiar with the vehicle, according to court documents.

Bar records, which were included in court records, show Goncalves-Radding purchased a total of six glasses of Jameson whiskey. Nearly two hours after the accident, his blood alcohol level was 0.167%. The legal limit is 0.08%.

Hospital staff told investigators they could not determine the exact birth dates of Goncalves-Radding or Tavares because they were carrying fake IDs. Gecoya also used a fake ID card. All three were minors at the time.

Special conditions for Goncalves-Radding’s probation include that he not use or possess alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs. He will also be subject to random searches and tests.

He was fined $2,100 and banned from driving for 10 years.

Laura and Scott Fossett, the parents of Chase Fossett, spoke about the loss of their son in court Friday.

“He loved everyone in that car and no one wanted this to happen,” Laura Fossett told Goncalves-Radding. “I know Chase wouldn’t want this to ruin your life.”

They said their son wouldn’t want them to be sad. And like…

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