Hello82 bridges the gap between K-Pop artists and fans

Nestled on Beverly Boulevard between Fairfax and Hancock Park, K-Pop music and entertainment company hello82’s fan space in Los Angeles has become a beacon for local fans.

On May 23, around 150 fans of the boy band Tomorrow X Together (TXT) gathered in this fan space. Around 1 p.m. the time recording was about to end, the energy inside the room was high.

Early May, simply hello82 tweeted “LOS ANGELES, we’ll see you there on May 23! The RSVP link will be available on May 6 at 2 p.m. PT, accompanied by a photo of five people in silhouette with the header “SAVE THE DATE.”

For fans of the five-piece group, from the Korean company Big Hit Music, a subsidiary of HYBE, the silhouettes of TXT were unmistakable. The group (consisting of members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai) spent the two days leading up to the event playing sold-out concerts on their “ACT: Promise” world tour at downtown’s Crypto.com Arena. city.

When the booking link was dropped (it was active from 2 p.m. on May 6 to 11 a.m. on May 7), the tweet invited MOA, the group’s fan base, to RSVP for the “#hello82_TXT_DanceChallenge with special guests “. The approximately 150 fans who were lucky enough to attend were never explicitly informed of the group’s presence.

The apparent purpose of the event was to film dance challenges with the band and fans. for hello82, which has a robust catalog of digital content on YouTube. Dance challenges have become a major part of K-Pop culture, with artists typically filming key points of their choreography with other K-Pop artists for short-form content like TikTok.

Participants were divided into five sections, each representing one of the group members, for the dance challenge portion. The event officially began shortly before 1:45 p.m. with local K-Pop dance cover bands dancing to some of TXT’s biggest hits as a warm-up for the event. During the final song, TXT’s latest single “Deja Vu,” the cover bands all performed together before a countdown sounded and the five band members surprised the waiting crowd, dancing along with the cover bands while the rest of their fans cheered them on from the wait. areas on the side.

Fans remained enthusiastic but orderly and attentive to staff instructions while lining up to complete the film’s challenges. TXT filmed a dance challenge with all the participants to their song “I’ll See You There Tomorrow” from the group’s latest EP Minisode 3: Tomorrowwhich earned them the third place on the Billboard 200 chart.

Between challenges, TXT left the main floor, fans cheering as they went. The Hello82 team divided participants into five groups to create a large circle to film a dance challenge to the song “Happily Ever After” by TXT, filming both a full crowd and small group version.

For the small groups, the members of the TXT returned one by one to act as…

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