Kansas City firefighters rescue man hanging upside down in tree, swinging on foot

A man was rescued Tuesday by Kansas City firefighters after he was found hanging upside down by his foot in a tree.

The Kansas City Fire Department responded to the report in the 5900 block of Indiana around 8 p.m.

Upon arrival, the crew found the individual hanging upside down from his foot, entangled in the tree.

The man was using a harness to climb and trim trees, said Michael Hopkins, a spokesman for the Kansas City Fire Department. However, it is unclear whether man pruned the trees for general tree maintenance or to repair storm damage.

The individual was stuck in the tree for approximately 40 minutes and was 15 feet in the air before someone found him and called 911.

Using ladders and ropes, firefighters were able to rescue the man and lower him safely to the ground. He was then taken to hospital for treatment.

Hopkins said the individual suffered injuries to his leg and foot and felt a rush of blood to his head due to his upside-down position.

His current state of health has not been disclosed.

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