Lisa Rinna, 60, uses this tinted sunscreen – she’s FSA or HSA eligible at Amazon

Lisa Rinna – one of our favorites Real Housewives – has been married to Harry Hamlin for almost 27 years, and she’s had the same haircut for longer! It’s proof that if something works for you, you do it. You know what else works for her? EltaMD UV Clear Tinted Facial Sunscreen. She uses it year-round, of course, since she lives in sunny SoCal, but now that it’s summer, your skin probably needs protection, too. Are you thinking of putting a bottle in your basket? Here’s a secret: If you get it through the Amazon FSA store, you can get it using the pre-tax money you’ve set aside for health and personal care. It’s like a 30% discount.


This gentle mineral sunscreen provides UVA/UVB protection; what’s more, it’s water resistant for up to 40 minutes.

$43 at Amazon

Rinna, 60, went through her entire beauty routine on video to Vogue. It’s pretty impressive: she even gets a personalized blood cream that uses her own plasma to keep her skin youthful. Although it may be too much for us regular people, she is becoming aware of sun protection, especially as a mom.

“My girls, they’re at that age where they just want to go out and cook in the sun,” she said. “I’m horrified when I see that. I’m like guys, you can’t put your face in the sun and of course they don’t listen to me because you know, back then we were lying on paper aluminum in the garden.

Now that she’s older and wiser, she’s ditching foiling and making sun protection a top priority.

“I don’t come down until I put my sunscreen on…as soon as you hit the windows, as soon as you see the sun, it’s going to hit your face, so I always have sunscreen on.”

Her favorite? EltaMD UV Clear Tinted Facial Sunscreen.

“I love it because it gives you, you know, a little hint of freshness because you know, when I see Harry Hamlin, I want him to see that I’m as fresh as a daisy and I look cute, so I think it’s still nice and I’m protected.”

Based on zinc oxide and octinoxate, this tinted sunscreen offers you broad-spectrum protection against UVA (rays that age your skin) and UVB (rays that burn your skin). This clear formula is oil-free, mineral-based and leaves no sticky residue. It is also ideal for acne-prone skin.

Lisa isn’t the only one who loves this tinted sunscreen: She has nearly 14,000 rave reviews from Amazon shoppers.

“I’ve never been so happy with a skincare product,” one shared. tanned beauty. “It feels amazing on the skin, and the best part is it makes me look glowing and luminous. I don’t look pale or tired, but fresh and a little tanned. I won’t be buying again never any other sunscreen.”

I have melasma and I [have used] this sunscreen every day under my makeup for years”, shares a loyal fan. “I first used it when I bought it from a dermatologist 13 years ago. After I stopped seeing Derm, I couldn’t find it anymore and had to experiment with different sunscreens for a few years. I was so happy when…

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