Nicola Coughlan had exceptional response after fan called her Bridgerton nude scenes ‘brave’

We really only have time for Nicola Coughlan’s comments on how “brave” she was to take on intimate scenes in the new season of The Bridgerton Chronicles.

Derry Girls The star is one of the romantic leads in the latest episodes of the hit series, with four more episodes coming later this week.

Like any The Bridgerton Chronicles one fan will tell you, forming one of the central romances of the series means taking part in some steamy scenes, which Nicola has already opened several times.

During a Q&A event in Dublin last week, a fan suggested to Nicola that it was “brave” of her to film the sex scenes which The Bridgerton Chronicles has become synonymous with, but the Great mood The star was already armed with a surprising response.

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