Sheryl Lee Ralph reacts to the meme

View famous Sister Act 2 turning 30 with a big reunion.

Whoopi Goldberg spoke with her former co-stars Kathy Najimy, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Wendy Makkena, as well as music supervisor Marc Shaiman and music producer Mervyn Warren to look back on the making of the hit musical.

Among the highlights, Ralph, who played Lauryn Hill’s character’s mother, reacted to his memorable quote from the film becoming a meme. In the film, Ralph sternly tells Hill that “singing doesn’t put food on the table” and “doesn’t pay the bills.” A viral video features clips from the scene, combined with footage from Ralph’s various musical performances throughout his career.

When showing the video on Viewthe flow Abbott Elementary School The star howled with laughter while watching the clip.

“In my mind, I was defying my Jamaican mother,” she recalls of the scene’s inspiration. “When I told her I was going to become an actress, she [said], ‘Are you going to be an actress? Working with all these fake people? On my hard-earned money? No! No!’ So in my mind, during the scene, I’m playing my mother.

Ralph also spoke about reuniting with his on-screen daughter at Kaya Fest in 2018. “It was so great to see Lauryn grow into the woman she became, always overcoming and holding on the way she did,” said the actress. “She looked at me and said, ‘Miss Ralph, thank you. I was so young. I didn’t know anything other than thank you, but you were wrong about the Fugees.

Hill’s remark referred to advice Ralph had given him on the subject. Sister Act 2 set, where the musician told Ralph that she planned to become famous after the film and start a band called The Fugees. “I said, ‘It’s going to work. You will probably be famous. But I don’t know about that, the Fugees [name]”, Ralph recalls. “But clearly, I was wrong on one point.”

Sunny Hostin, who was among the panelists interviewing the film’s cast, noted that Najimy had previously said that while she “loved” working on the first film, Sister Act 2 “impressed” her by reprising her role as Sister Mary Patrick.

Najimy explained that it was the “miraculous” children in the cast who made the sequel even better. “We were all like one big family. They understood the tone. They were so talented, gorgeous, smart and fun – and I’m not lying,” she said.

Meanwhile, Makkena recalls a time when she was walking in her nun costume with Najimy and Goldberg around San Francisco, where the trio ended up walking into a porn store.

“We get to the counter and Kathy says, ‘Wait a second!’ » She arrives alongside us and she has a plastic [sex toy]“, she remembers. “The lady behind the counter…she looked at all three of us and said, ‘Where are you from?’ What church are you from?’

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