The outdoor sleeping pad 10,000 Amazon shoppers sleep on is down to $26

Campers are generally okay with roughing it, but seasoned outdoorsmen know that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. While it’s incredibly peaceful to fall asleep under the stars, spending the entire night on the ground is no picnic for your back. Luckily, Amazon has a great deal on some handy help. We call it the Powerlix sleeping mat, and it is designed to provide additional cushioning during campsites.


The Powerlix is ​​designed to transform your sleep, no matter where you crash. It’s a breeze to inflate and inflates to 75 inches by 23 inches, leaving plenty of room for even larger campers. It weighs just 1.32 pounds and rolls up to the size of a water bottle, making it easy to slip into your backpack.

$26 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

You can’t put a price on your comfort when sleeping outside, but $26 is pretty manageable for most. At almost 60% off, that’s the lowest Powerlix sleeping pad price of the entire year, making it the perfect time to act – just in time for the summer camping season.

Why do I need this?

The Powerlix sleeping pad is available in six different colors: green, blue, black, navy, camouflage, and orange. And of course, it’s incredibly comfortable.

The sleeping pad uses hexagonally shaped air cells designed to support pressure points throughout your body. The end result is impressive all-night comfort.

This pillow rolls up small and is lightweight: only 1.3 pounds! – making it easy to transport as needed. Everything is inflated using the carrying bag, saving your breath.

Sleeping under the stars is supposed to be “outdoors,” not “ow!-outdoors.” Powerlix’s body mapping technology puts you on the road to your happiest campsites. (Amazon)

What the reviews are saying

Note: It has almost 10,000 perfect reviews on Amazon.


“The best part about this sleeping pad is that you don’t need to blow at all to inflate! » said one five star fan who raved about the potential storage capacity. “I used it for camping and it was really comfortable to sleep on. You won’t feel any shock to the ground because the air cushion is very good. It’s also very easy to deflate it and put it back in the carrying pouch. The inflatable bag can also be used as an extra bag to carry all the extra stuff you want… So it’s like getting an extra bag for free!

A happy camper called the Powerlix sleeping pad “NASA, Space-X quality technology.” They continued: “This thing is so light and small that it can be taken anywhere! The self-inflating bag is so amazing and convenient that it almost seems stupid. Why don’t you see this type of technology implemented also often on other things?”

Most importantly, this sleeping bag is a strap to keep tidy. “I took mine out this weekend and cleanup was a breeze! I was able to take this lightweight mattress out quickly, use it on a picnic, and then put it away comfortably and quickly. “


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