These flight attendant-approved packing cubes are marked down to $24 for Prime members

The summer travel season is in full swing and if you’re like me, you’re ready to take off! We are all ready to relax at our vacation destination. Want a secret to make it hassle-free? A well-filled suitcase. People who do it for a living do it well, and according to several flight attendants, these compression packing cubes help them fit everything neatly into their suitcases – and this six pack is on sale for just $24 for Prime members on Amazon.


Compression packing cubes are many flight attendants’ ultimate travel hack and those from trusted brand Bagail even come with a designated shoe bag.

Save $7 for Prime members

$24 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

If you’ve already planned your vacation, there’s no time to lose: now is the time to secure this deal. We haven’t seen the price of these cubes this low in months, and we expect it to go up from here on out.

Why do I need this?

If packing for a trip tends to be a chore for you, packing cubes can be helpful. They help keep things tidy and organized while you travel, but these gadgets take it a step further with their compression feature. It allows you to flatten the cubes a little more to take up less space in your luggage.

Each compression cube has an additional zipper on the outside that can be closed to flatten the cubes. It works the same as a sous vide machine, but without all the extra tools. Want to know how it’s done? After folding and flattening your clothes, pack them into the cube and close the standard zipper. Place a finger on the back of the zipper in the gap when compressing the packing cube, just in case the zipper gets stuck in the fabric. Zip it all the way around and you will notice that the cube is visibly flatter.

This particular set includes four standard compression packing cubes in varying sizes (small to extra large), a slim compression bag, and a shoe bag.

Take it from the friendly sky pros: these gadgets can up your packing game. (Amazon)

What the reviews are saying

More than 14,000 buyers say these packing cubes have made traveling so much easier for them – even flight attendants and other flight crew members can’t stop raving about them.


“I’m a flight attendant and these are my favorite cubes to pack” a professional flyer wrote. “These expand and make packing easier. Additionally, aesthetically [they] it looks good. I like how these can expand if needed.

Another flight attendant said she loves them because they “keep my suitcase organized and well-packed” while another said they help him “pack more efficiently.” “I like that I can compress it into a smaller bag once the clothes are inside.” the same buyer added.

A pilot even gave him two cents, adding that she doesn’t travel without these compression packing cubes. “I’m a pilot and I travel a lot” the critic wrote. “In hotels 14 to 16 nights per month and rarely in the same hotel for more than one night. These bags (purchased in two sets) allow me to organize myself, save money…

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