This cult hot hairbrush ‘cuts prep time in half’ — and it’s on sale for $40

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, it’ll probably take some serious effort to straighten it — not to mention having to deal with the frizz-fueling summer humidity. You usually have to blow out your hair and use a flat iron to really tame those strands, but that’s why straightening tools are so popular: Simply brush your hair for silky smooth locks. Of course, brushes that do it all aren’t cheap. That’s why it’s so exciting that Amazon has lowered the price of its #1 bestseller. Tymo straightening brush at just $40, down from $60.


This hybrid tool combines a straightening brush with a flat iron to straighten your hair in one stroke. It has five heat settings and an auto-off feature to prevent burns.

$40 at Amazon

Having breakouts and having regular hair appointments can rack up a nice bill – picking up this $40 straightener is a great deal, a lot cheaper. At more than 30% off, the Tymo straightening brush is sure to save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

THE Tymo straightening brush combines a flat iron with 3D heated “teeth” — simply move it through your hair to achieve the results you’re looking for. The teeth really sink in and straighten out.

Cycle through five different heat functions until you find the setting that suits your hair; a heat-resistant glove protects your fingers while you work. You even get clips and a carrying case with this set.

Choose from three colors: black, gold and pink. However, you will get the best savings with classic black Or gold.

Enjoy all these benefits for only $40. (Amazon)

This tool has an army of devoted fans, with over 41,000 five-star ratings.

“For years I had to chemically straighten my hair” says a rave review. “Now I have a layered cut and I can’t straighten my hair on my own without the roots being wavy and the ends fraying. Wow! Now I can straighten my hair easily from roots to ends and get the look which I like with Tymo My hair is also softer and shinier. I still need to practice a little more but she is a very satisfied customer here.

Another fan couldn’t help but gush over how it worked. “This straightener cut my prep time in half” they said. “I have long, wavy gray hair that takes way too long to straighten. I’ve used flat irons my whole life, so this was a little different. Once I figured that out, I jumped into hair straightening. My hair is silky, soft and above all controllable!

“So much time saved!” » raved a buyer. “I love this stuff. Completely. Straightening my hair took MINUTES. Instant results as soon as the comb is through. I am truly in love, 100% impressed. This is a game changer; this is about to make my life so much easier. I will never pay someone to straighten my hair again.

Some reviewers noted that the tool Really provides the…

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