This wireless speaker is only $40 – a spectacular 50% discount

The weather calls us outside: we head either to the beach or to the swimming pool. A wireless speaker makes all the difference for summer outings. You’ll need something small that can pump out the bass and handle a splash or two. THE Vanzon V40 speaker fits the bill. It’s lightweight and portable, with a range of up to 66 feet, and at this wild sale price, it’s a steal.


With 24 watts of power and 24 hours of battery life, this speaker will keep the party rocking late into the night.

$40 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

You’re getting a very respectable 50% off, and $40 is close to the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this speaker. Combined with all the features it packs in, it’s a real steal. There are Bluetooth speakers available at a lower price, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one with this level of water resistance for a similar price.

Why do I need this?

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, feel free to take your speaker on a tropical vacation or use it poolside this summer. If it falls, it’s no big deal, although you probably shouldn’t leave it in the rain or shower directly in the stream of water.

It’s lightweight (just 1.3 pounds), so it’s great on the go, but it’s also great at home for improving the sound on your TV. The battery provides up to 24 hours of playback on a single charge. You can connect to it via a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary port, USB-C, or Bluetooth. Even better: you can combine two speakers for cinema-quality stereo sound. There are a variety of colors, but this significant discount only applies to black.

Long battery life means you’ll never have to stop the music with this Bluetooth speaker. (Amazon)

What the reviews are saying

More than 9,700 buyers turned up the music volume, giving this speaker a perfect five-star rating.


“All I can say is wow!” clapped one user. “Setup was very easy. I set it up and took it out of the box; it also came with a full charge. It also charges pretty quickly, usually only about two hours. The sound quality is amazing , with good bass It’s also really waterproof! I accidentally left it outside and it got rained on. It still works like new – I’ve had it for about two months now!

“I’m an audio technician and listen to audio tracks through a high quality system all day,” said another shopper. “I have to say this little speaker is good quality. I was a little surprised when I first used it. It seems well made. It doesn’t feel cheap or chintzy. Decent bass for a little guy too. Connecting via Bluetooth is super easy.”

“I use it when I’m out cleaning the yard,” delighted a third buyer. “The range with the phone on me is good, as long as you maintain a clear line of sight. Indoors, through walls, connectivity is no problem and with good sound. I like that that once paired, you don’t have to continually connect to it, turn on the Bluetooth, turn on the speaker and you’re ready to go. The battery is powerful, with a lasting charge of two. times higher or more.

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