Trista Sutter ‘safe and sound’ after husband Ryan’s cryptic messages

Bachelor alum Trista Sutter is setting the record straight after her husband Ryan’s cryptic Instagram posts left fans concerned for his well-being.

“I am safe and sound, happy and healthy, in love and grateful,” Sutter wrote on Instagram on Saturdaywith the caption appearing alongside a photo of her family on the beach in Mexico.

Explaining her absence after Ryan’s messages suggested alienation between the couple, writing that she is “unreachable” and “seeking” but that he misses her, Sutter wrote: “An opportunity for perspective and growth personal life presented itself and with the unconditional support of my family and friends, I chose myself and I improved myself, knowing that my work as a stay-at-home mother and the end-of-school-year needs of my children were between the best and most competent hands.

She added that Ryan “decided to share his love for me in messages that would find me during my travels” and marveled at the response to his notes.

“We look at Instagram as a digital newspaper. Most of the time the world doesn’t pay much attention to it,” she wrote. “This time he couldn’t say anything right and almost all the media picked up his ‘enigmatic/confusing/attractive/dramatic’ images and captions. For me, they gave me exactly what my love language of words of affirmation needed to get me through some serious self-doubts and fears…and that’s all that matters. He owes no explanation to anyone and needs no permission to post what he wants to post and share what he wants to share.

Sutter added that she would share “the rest of the story” in “time.”

Sutter’s post is the couple’s second clarifying message in recent days, along with Ryan previously addressing speculation.

Last week, Ryan, amazed by the attention his posts received 21 years after the couple married in an ABC televised wedding, wrote that his message was meant for his wife “for a time when she could possibly read it”.

“She understood the context and so did I. No one else understood it though, and that’s where things got out of hand,” he continued. “It was suggested that Trista was dead, that we were in trouble, or that it must have been a mid-life crisis, among many other creative ideas.”

He added that after his post gained momentum, he “started getting text messages from friends asking if I was okay. All because I missed my wife and I chose to share how that felt.

Indeed, fans had speculated that the couple, who matched during their 2003 season of The Bachelorettehad broken up or even that Sutter had died.

And Sutter had a sense of humor when it came to the most extreme assumptions.

“Damn it people. Can’t a girl have a nervous breakdown/breakup trial/midlife crisis/death/divorce in peace around here?!,” Sutter began her post by adding the goofy, happy emojis. And she concluded it by writing: “After all, nervous breakdowns and separations require well-deserved rest and…

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