YouTube creator Comicstorien was 40 years old

Ben Potter, a YouTube personality known for his audio dramas that he created based on comic books, has died. He was 40 years old.

The content creator died after “an unfortunate accident” on June 8. his wife, Nathalie Potter, shared on his X account (formerly Twitter).

Known to his three million followers as Comicstorian, Potter had been a part of the YouTube community for over a decade and was a fixture in the comic fan world on the platform, regularly discussing the Marvel and DC universes in his more than 4,000 videos published. His wife provided no further details about the accident.

“To many of you, he was a comicstorian, expressing stories in many different mediums. To those close to him, he was one of the best and most supportive people anyone could ask for,” Nathalie wrote.

“As a husband, son, brother, friend or even just a stranger, Ben was loving and genuine. He was someone who listened and took time for those close to him. He would do his best to make everyone laugh and make sure everything was okay. He was our rock and he reassured his loved ones whenever they needed it,” she added.

In the post, Nathalie indicated that she and a team she works with would continue to operate Potter’s channel in some capacity after mourning his death.

“To honor him by continuing to tell great stories written by great people, as well as to keep the memory of our own superhero alive,” she wrote on X. “We supported each other through everything what we wanted to do and I’m not ready to do it.” about to stop now.

Others mourning Potter’s death on the platform since the announcement include rapper-actor Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. and comic book writer Scott Snyder.

“I always take my break from Twitter for personal reasons. But with the news I just got, I have to come back and say something,” Jackson said. wrote. “Rest in peace to Comicstorian. I am heartbroken to hear this news. One of my favorite follows on YouTube, thank you so much for your work, I was a big fan.

Snyder wrote: “Completely stunned and deeply saddened to hear this. Benny’s love of comic books was infectious and incredible. My sincere condolences to his family.

Potter had posted his last video on Friday, June 7, the day before his death, titled “Why DC Reboots Beat Marvel.”

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