Blumhouse Games Launches Six Horror-Themed Titles at Summer Game Fest

Blumhouse has spent years bringing the supernatural and the deranged to the big screen, and now Blumhouse Games is bringing that philosophy to the gaming sphere.

The company on Friday revealed six horror-themed video games that are expected to debut later in 2024 and beyond. Created in partnership with independent designers from around the world, the games were announced during Blumhouse Games’ Summer Game Fest presentation at the YouTube Theater at Hollywood Park.

As part of the presentation, the team at Blumhouse Games, which launched last year, revealed a trailer for upcoming projects, viewable below. Summer Game Fest features over 55 leading gaming companies and partners celebrating the future of space in front of a live audience.

“We’re blown away by the teams creating our first line of games, and we really couldn’t be prouder to partner with strong, independent game creators who are bringing unique ideas to the horror genre,” said Zach Wood, president of Blumhouse Games. said in a statement. “Our upcoming titles represent remarkable storytelling, inventive gameplay styles, and new approaches to scary stories, created by game developers with a deep passion for horror. »

Blumhouse founder and CEO Jason Blum added that the video games division feels like a return to the company’s roots. “But this time, fans can get in on the action and immerse themselves in the world of Blumhouse,” Blum continued. “I’m proud of the team and we hope this first set of games will entertain, delight and terrify the players, and we will have more in store for the fans soon.”

Among the games teased during the presentation was Fear the spotlight from developer Cozy Game Pals. Launching this year, the game centers on two teenagers who sneak into a school after hours and discover a tragedy that took place decades ago.

Sleeping awake comes from developer Eyes Out and game designers Cory Davis (Special Operations: The Line) and Robin Finck (Nine inch nails). The first-person psychedelic horror game is set in the distant future and follows Katja as she faces dangerous otherworldly forces.

A creation of Vermila Studios, Crisol: Theater of Idols is a first-person horror adventure set in a terrifying version of Spain where statues of saints come to life.

Funeral seasons comes from developer Perfect Garbage. This pixelated farming and town simulation game takes place in Ashenridge, where one of the residents is a supernatural serial killer.

Created by developer Playmestudio, The simulation focuses on a retired game designer whose only evidence of a crime is an unreleased horror game.

Project C comes from developer Half Mermaid Productions, in addition to game designers Sam Barlow (His history) and Brandon Cronenberg (Possessor). The concept is described as twisted and heartbreaking.

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