YouTuber Dhar Mann signs deal with Studio71

YouTuber Dhar Mann has signed an advertising partnership with Studio71.

As part of the deal with the global media company, Mann will look to further monetize his popular film. YouTube videos with the help of Studio71, which has relationships with some of the biggest brands and ad buyers in the world.

“Dhar has built an impressive content operation with polished, scripted videos that rival the quality of top television broadcasters,” said Matt Crowley, co-CEO of Studio71. “We couldn’t be more excited to introduce advertisers to Dhar’s gated content and incredible fan base, which is among the largest and most engaged digital subscribers.”

Dhar Mann Studios, which has almost 22 million subscribers on YouTube, offers inspiring videos. His work combines diverse actors with storylines that promote values ​​such as love, forgiveness and helping others. Mann releases seven scripted videos per week on YouTube, which average between five and 10 million views each. His YouTube channel generates over 300 million monthly views on YouTube alone.

“Our partnership aims to offer brands a unique combination of premium content, passionate audiences, brand-safe environments and unprecedented personalized creative integration opportunities,” said Mann, nicknamed the “moral philosopher of Youtube”. “And Studio71 is a leader in helping the biggest brands connect with today’s hard-to-reach digital viewers.”

Studio71 produces and distributes brand-safe programming across multiple platforms.

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